There are many large scale labeling and branding systems available today, but that is not the case when it comes to the micro world.
With the system used by egoLogo ®TM, micro branding is now available to you. Submit your logo or create one.


For over 20 years, micro stickers have been applied to high end, mass-produced products such as sun glasses, perfume bottles, pens, and electronic components.

Most well known watch brands use this system for logos on dials, digits, hour markers and other decorative elements.

NO system other than that used by egoLogo ®TM can carry out such results.
Your Micro Logo: 3 dimensional sculptured in solid full metal, in any shape imaginable and as small as a Grain of Sand.


Read details How to prepare artwork.

Your Logos's Size Limits
The minimum allowable logo size is 0.2 mm by 0.2 mm. Glue molecules will not adhere properly on logos smaller than this.

The maximum size of your logo can not  exceed 35mm by 35 mm.

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