Solid full metal plate logo

An egoLogoTM ® is: your personal logo sculpted out of thin (0.1mm - 0.2 mm) solid full metal plate. You get a full skeleton according your provided design.
The egoLogoTM ® is self-adhesive, placed on a carrier board ready to be applied to any plain, smooth surface.
For easy application and positioning simply remove from the carrier board using the transparent cover film.

On non-exposed carriers like watch dials and parts, it can be placed without additional treatment or coverage. If it’s exposed, for example when applied to fingernails, the surface should be prepared before application and sealing after application is required.
Some more detail Information

A D D     Y O U R      G O O D     N A M E

Your maximum space: 35 x 35 mm  : For best results please read our advice.
Within this space you can have any size.
This is how you will get your LOGOS: Minimum quantity is 2 strips of 5 (30) Logos


Order is 2 strips, up to 30 logos under respect of our
Terms and conditions
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