ARA Master Watchmaker & Sons is proud to be partnered with egoLogo. You can now customize or label your watches with your very own micro-logos.

Until now, this micro-labeling technology was only availabe to large industry and logos had to be ordered by the thousands.

Today, egoLogo allows anyone to order a few logos at a time. We are a watch company so we use egoLogo for our watch dial designs, but the use of micro-logos can be used anywhere.

Follow the links on the side to get more information and advice on how to order your very own designs.

This micro branding system, allowing tiny characters, drawings and graphical elements has been used in brand Logos for over 10 years. The system is used mainly on high end products, particularly luxury branding in mass production: such as sun glasses, perfume bottles, pens as well as technical descriptions of electronics.

Most well known watch
brands use the system as logos on dials, digits, hour markers and other decorative elements.
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NO system other than
egoLogo®TM can get such results.

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